Monster Film Challenge

Premiere Info

Location: Necronomicon

Sunday, Oct 30

Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
2900 Bayport Drive
Tampa, Florida, USA, 33607

Time: 10am-2pm (viewing and awards)

Price: $15 (purchased at the event and tell them that you are there for the festival to get discounted price)

Teams signed the agreement to have 5 team members show up, in order to win any award.

Enjoy Necronomicon events with your ticket purchase!

Shooting Dates:
Friday, September 2 – Monday, October 3

Kick Off Party
Friday, 7pm
Tampa Pitcher Show

October 30th

20 Awards & Cool Prizes

Team Fee – $79

Kickoff Party

We will have a kickoff party, on the start date. We will let the teams pick their genre from a stack of envelopes with a slip of paper with a genre written on it.

Event Details

This year we are adding a twist to the Monster Film Challenge. Filmmakers will be asked to attend a kick-off meeting in which they will receive the requirements. The requirements are: prop, line and creature. Each team will blindly pick a creature from a basket. Potential creatures/monsters are:

• Innocently Evil (Ex: Clown, child, animal, plant)

• Magical Person (Ex: Witches, warlocks, psychics, curses)

• Toy

• Object other than Toys

• Human (Ex: Psycho, Serial Killer, Cannibal)

• Extraterrestrial

• Outbreak (Ex: Zombie, viral)

• Ghosts

• Classic Monster (Ex: Frankenstein, Vampire, Werewolf, Invisible Man, Mummy)

• Urban Legend (Ex: Monster who lives under bed, Bloody Mary, Slender Man)

• Mythological (Ex: Evil Gods, demons, Werecreatures, Cthulhu, Krampus, cenobites, mermaids)

• Robot

• Death (Ex: Reaper , Final Destination)

Our Judges

Joel D Wynkoop

Joel Wynkoop is a Florida-based actor/director with roughly 3 decades of no-budget moviemaking under his belt. He’s best known for his collaborations with microcinema pioneer Tim Ritter: TRUTH OR DARE, KILLING SPREE, and the brilliant DIRTY COP, NO DONUT. Wynkoop is also an avid martial artist whose talents are on display in his feature-length directorial effort LOST FAITH.



Barbara Wilcox

Barbara Wilcox was born Barbara Cannon to Milton and Carol Cannon. Born and raised in San Fernando Vally. Because her Dad worked at Warner Brothers Barbara was highly influenced however, other then school plays and skits. Acting was only a dream till she was given a Scholarship after going though the program she was invited to join an Agency and did over 100 commercials like 3 Musketeers /Revlon and Burger King. She enjoyed more when Barbara moved to New York doing commercial modeling and study acting at HB Studios for seven years. The first New York stage preformed was BLITHE SPIRIT. one of her biggest part on the New York stage was Lois in BILL W. and Dr. BOB. she did 10 plays in 7 years. while working as a shoe model at the International Fashion week and many others. one of the most recent plays the she loved doing was EVERYMAN a play written in the 1500’s. Opportunities showed themselves in Florida and true to form Barbara has enjoyed working in short films like GLAMP a woman who loves camping in style. MOVING ON a woman on her own for the first time. (In film festivals around the world.) The two worlds of Hollywood and New York have merged with films, theatre and training currently studying at Venue Acting Studio in Florida.

Rick Danford