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2011 AFC Films

(Not a complete list)


The Trap
Marcus Kempton

Willing & Abele

Walter Garcia

A Man of Few Words

A man is left to rely upon nothing but his innate skills as a martial artists as brothers turned assassins rain down upon him. Imagination and reality then become blurred as the fists keep coming.



This Film was Made in 17 days for “Action Film Challenge 2011”.
Director – Spencer Agren
Editor/VFX – Brandon Yaeger
Music Compostion – Goodnight Annabelle and The Second Round
Produced By: Fourth Dimension Filming
Thank You to Everyone involved in any part of the filming process, you make our dreams come true!


2020 Noir

Winner: BEST SOUND DESIGN ~ 2011 Action Film Challenge

“2020 Noir” is an award-winning film that I worked on with my friends Marcelo Martindale (Director) and Max Petrosky (Soundtrack, Actor). Max wrote all the music, created the sound effects and did the majority of the sound editing, for which we won the award for Best Sound Design at the 2011 Action Film Challenge Film Festival! The film is pretty much a tribute to Blade Runner. It’s not perfect, but the three of us are happy with the final result and we had a good time making it. We had to include five elements into the film for the competition we entered: An Apple Computer, the lines “This is still America” and “First Amendment”, a girl on a bike, and a charitable act.

I played Beck Ford, the protagonist. It was my first time playing the main character/ lead actor in a film, so I hope I pulled it off well. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who participated in this project. Every person was integral to the film’s completion, so we greatly appreciate every bit of help we received. And thank YOU for watching!


The Replacement Theory


Bunker 318