Team: The Spartans

Team Lead: Matthew Boehling

Short Synopsis:

In a futuristic world where guns are outlawed, bombing threats are at an all time high. Known terrorist, Albert White threatens the city with a new ‘micro nuke’ that is virtually undetected to the city’s radiation scanners. Leading Detective of the Police’s bombing division, Officer Greene, must locate this device and prevent Albert from jump-starting a new age in terrorism.



Leading Actor: Zack Boehling

Supporting Actor: Matt Boehling

Leading Actress: Meghan Durr

Supporting Actress: n/a


Frank R Durr

Screenplay: Matt Boehling

Costume Design: n/a

Make up and Hairstyling: n/a

Cinematography: Matt Boehling

Editing: Danny Wilson

Visual Effects: Matt Boehling

Special Effects: Matt Boehling

Sound Editing: Allie Woodard

Soundtrack: Allie Woodard

Production Design: Matt Boehling

Directing: Matt Boehling

Team Bio:

The Spartans team is hodgepodge of imaginative kids. Student studies range from media to engineering to financing at universities like Stanford, Princeton, and Georgia Tech. There’s no fancy equipment or a gigantic crew that is easily accessible; just people with overactive imaginations who love to tell stories. This drives the team and motivates them to intrigue audiences in ways they’ve never seen before.




Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/98736327




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July 30, 2014

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