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Tethered – MoHawk

Tethered – MoHawk


Team Name: MoHawk
Team Leader: Tammy Kraszka
Title: Tethered
Total Running Length: 13:08
Short Synopsis: In the year 2020 a life force was found dormant in the Earth, until something wakes them and they unleash havoc… Finally, a team of militants are using their technology against them…. But, they can’t do this alone, they must be Tethered………..

Main Actors / Character name:

Rex Mifune as Hook
Tammy Kraszka as Beacon
Scott Andrew as Jack aka Rush
Heather Stewart as Copper
Joseph C. Capazola as Crash
Tom Kraszka as Anchor
Mike Goodrich as the Colonel
Lance Van Atta as the General
Alex Kraszka as the son of Jack
Jayme Wilcox as Psychic Clones 1 and 3 and Psychic Traitor
William Blanco Psychic Clones 2 and 4.


Posted on

July 1, 2013