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The 30 Day Horror Film Challenge – Tampa

Shooting Sept 29 – Oct 29, 2017

Introductory Registration Fee $49!


Widely known for his cult hit 100 Tears, which was voted the third best killer clown film ever made, by, Joe comes straight off of his co-starring role in Stranger Things season 2, where he played the lovable “Nerdy Tech”. He worked with two time oscar winning director Andrew Stanton, known for films such as A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, and Wall-E just to name a few. As well as Oscar Nominated producer Shawn Levy, known for such films as The Arrival, The Internship, and Night at the Museum. Not to mention Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of Stranger Things. He can also be seen in such films as As Night Falls, Experiment 7, and Frost Bite, where he not only starred but wrote and directed as well.


Prop: a backpack
Line of dialogue: “I did not see that coming”
Situation: Someone gets kissed
Character: A pizza delivery person


Current Teams

1. Ken Anthony II – Artistic License
2. Robert J. Smith – Robert J. Smith Productions
3. Mike Marin – Marin Productions
4. Robert Welsh – Team Ambrosia
5. JR Ridge – Ex Presidents
6. Austin Janowsky – Tin Sky Media
7. Stefanie Davis – Bouncy Boxer Media
8. Tony Ahedo – Awesome Sauce
9. Sean Simpson – Off By One Productions
10. Gage Briney – Twisted Paradise Studios
11. William Nutt – Animus Vox Productions
12. Robert Soloman – Solomon’s Choice Films
13. Jose Villegas – Broken Toys Productions
14. Patrick Hunter – TanLine Media
15. Gabby Cabrera – Unfilmable Productions
16. Nicholas Dobrowolski – Northeast Beasts
17. Alan Daniels – Brain Boys
18. Rodrick Colbert – Your Everyday Exorcists
19. Chris Jackson – Ghost Chant
20. Derric Fragosa – Team Koala
21. Phillip Crabb – Team 2Scary4U
22. Shawn Valentine – Project Neves