The 30 Day Zombie Film Challenge is returning nationwide soon.

The 30 Day Action Film Challenge

The Action Film Challenge

After 9 years, the Action Film Challenge is still our most popular film challenge. It gives filmmakers a chance to push their skills to the limit, in this fun, but challenging film genre. Filmmakers never cease to amaze audiences how they push the limits of filmmaking with fighting, shootouts, martial arts, boat chases, car chases, underwater fight scenes, parachuting… the list goes on and on. If you ever get the chance to compete, this is an exciting film challenge.
The 30 Day Zombie Film Challenge

The Zombie Film Challenge

The Zombie Film Challenge is an amazing opportunity to create a masterpiece of makeup artistry and storytelling. What is the origin of the virus? Who is infected now? How many will survive? It’s a challenge that allows filmmakers to create a post-apocalyptic story that will thrill and engage, die-hard Walking Dead fans. If you’re a Zombie Film lover, you will love the Zombie Film Challenge.
The 30 Day Comedy Film Challenge

The Comedy Film Challenge

Making a film that will make an audience laugh takes a great wit, a sense of timing, and great writing. But, if you love the comedy genre, there is no greater satisfaction, for a filmmaker, then to hear an audience laugh at your jokes, in all the right places. The Comedy Film Challenge is a fun and gratifying experience for everyone involved.