Team Leader Andrew Durliat
Team Blood Worxs
Short Synopsis A parents worse nightmare comes true when a young girl name ava goes missing. Will the detectives on the case find her capture first or will a mothers revenge prove to be more terrifying.
Leading Actor Andrew Durliat
Supporting Actor Ray Dwyer
Leading Actress Alison Burns
Supporting Actress Ellah Durliat
Extras Nick Sloan, Carl Douglas, Robert “Bigg Sarge” Deon, Jeff Sheppard, Andrew Andrade
Screenplay Kira Howe
Costume Design Kira Howe
Make up and Hairstyling Josh Warden
Cinematography Daniel Michael
Editing Daniel Michael
Visual Effects Daniel Michael
Special Effects Josh Warden
Sound Editing Daniel Michael
Production Design Kira Howe
Directing Kira Howe