Team Leader Shawn Valentine
Team Project Neves
Short Synopsis A journey threw the eyes of a friend of Nathan, A student who comes back from Paris, as he and a couple of close friends throw Nat a welcome home party.
Leading Actor Shane Valentine
Supporting Actor Jon Armand
Leading Actress Jordan Millisaps
Supporting Actress Jessica Leithauser
Extras Danny Hernandez, Cesar Egana, Anthony Comellas, Jessica Leithauser, David Head, Chelsea J. Leyden, Joseph Gallego, Justin Rumpf, Giancarlo Hernandez, John Price, William Brown, David Pratt,
Screenplay Shawn Valentine
Costume Design Shawn Valentine
Make up and Hairstyling Jessica Leithauser
Cinematography Shawn Valentine
Editing Shawn Valentine
Visual Effects Shawn Valentine
Special Effects Shawn Valentine
Sound Editing Shawn Valentine
Soundtrack Adam Brubaker
Production Design Shawn Valentine
Directing Shawn Valentine
Team Bio Project Neves Productions is back with another short film and with a newer crew, which hopefully, makes us a bigger and better team.
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