Blood of Soldiers

Blood of Soldiers

Team: Fast Action Cinema

Team Lead: Brian Howard

Short Synopsis:

Team of escaped special ops soldiers on the run after breaking free the kids the government was experimenting on. The team is doing their best to balance staying safe and under the radar while trying to give the kids a childhood they never had a chance to have.





Leading Actor: Brad Watts

Supporting Actor: Brian Howard

Leading Actress: Heather Fairbanks

Supporting Actress: Seraphina Anne Zorn


Yassie Hawkes

Screenplay: Brian Howard

Costume Design: Robyn Laird

Make up and Hairstyling: Tessa Hawkes

Cinematography: Brian Howard

Editing: Brian Howard

Visual Effects: Brian Howard

Special Effects: Brian Howard

Sound Editing: Brian Howard

Soundtrack: Brian Howard

Production Design: Brian Howard

Directing: Brian Howard

Team Bio:

Action film team of actors and stuntmen who have begun writing and shooting our own short action films aside from being talent in other productions.







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August 2, 2014