Team Leader Trent Duncan
Team Gummy Bear Ninjas
Short Synopsis Two Secret Agents team up to stop an International Terrorist from detonating a Nuclear Warhead.
Leading Actor Jeremy Kaminsky
Supporting Actor Grant Foster
Leading Actress Kara Michelle
Supporting Actress Rosaleigh Hernandez
Extras TL Westgate, Luke Skinner, Anthony Giavoni Elias, and Ramon Mallory
Screenplay Trent t Duncan
Costume Design n/a
Make up and Hairstyling n/a
Cinematography Trent Duncan
Editing Trent Duncan
Visual Effects Trent Duncan
Special Effects Trent Duncan
Sound Editing Andrew Scott Foust
Soundtrack Andrew Scott Foust
Production Design n/a
Directing Trent t Duncan
Team Bio The Gummy Bear Ninjas are the hard kinda soft. TDPro teamed up with Genesis: Action/Stunts to create the perfect combination of action filmmaking.
Stunt Choreographer: Anthony Giavoni Elias
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