Family Ties – Shadowlite Productions



Team:  Shadowlite

Team Leader: Chad Dion
Run time: 14min 53 secs
Synoposis:  Assassination is a family business for the O’reily Family , Kane O’reily , Who was raised by his famous hitman father William O’reily since he was a baby has been running the family business for  half a decade since his fathers retirement. Business has been going good until one day a new player arrives , Iron Fist Devlin , A very nasty Ex-Military turned mob boss. Devlin wants kanes talents off the  open market and when kane refuses to work for him alone  Devlin takes matters into his own hands to try and convince him that you either work for Devlin or you die. Delvin will learn that when it comes to the O’reily’s , You NEVER mess with family.
Kane O’reily – Gary Corbin
William O’reily – Will Horton
Jack ( Iron Fist ) – Devlin – John Morrow

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July 1, 2013