Team Leader Jesse Jaques
Team Reel Dreams Production Co.
Short Synopsis A widowed (Anna Barton) goes in pursuit of an experimental doctor (Dr. Henry Frankenstein) in hopes of reanimating her tragically lost love (Colin Barton).
Leading Actor Tom Siedle
Supporting Actor Kadesh Lewis
Leading Actress Sarah Walston
Supporting Actress Alex Madden
Extras Andy Poulsen
Brandon Taylor
Screenplay Justin William Phillips
Costume Design Justin William Phillips
Make up and Hairstyling Sarah Walston
Cinematography Jesse Jaques
Editing Justin William Phillips
Visual Effects Jesse Jaques
Special Effects Jesse Jaques
Sound Editing Kadesh Lewis
Soundtrack Brandon Taylor
Production Design Kadesh Lewis
Directing Justin William Phillips
Team Bio Reel Dreams Production Co. is a Central Florida Production Company that focus’s on creating innovative video that succeeds both Modern and classical Influences.
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