Grimsby : RV

Team: Yella Belly Films

Team Lead: Rob Smith

Short Synopsis:

After the Initial impact of the invasion Britain is in ruins, as civilization crumbles the remaining survivors scramble for safer shores.
Secure in Paris, France the PM deploys what’s left of the UK’s ground force, behind enemy lines yet on their home soil to rescue and retune his most precious possession. Do the team have what it takes to retrieve and keep safe all that the PM has left without the invaders taking the life’s of all they encounter.






Leading Actor: Tom Jackson

Supporting Actor: Sean Wood

Leading Actress: Della Maylan

Supporting Actress: Chloe Rose


Brett King as King

Screenplay: Cat Toyne

Costume Design: Sarah Jane Nicholls

Make up and Hairstyling: Zoe Myers

Cinematography: Piers Housego

Editing: Robin Smith

Visual Effects: Craig Stiff

Special Effects: Eddie Popplewell

Sound Editing: Phil Daine

Soundtrack: Phil Daine

Production Design: Robin Smith

Directing: Robin Smith

Team Bio:

Yella Belly Films is a cooperative of filmmakers from Northern Lincolnshire.
Robin Smith and his team are a group of talented individuals that pool their resources to create and deliver engaging and stimulating community projects. The aim of such projects being to continue showcasing and developing the skills of the wider community and for the growth of the media industry in our local area. A small location not know for its mixed and digital media.

Together we bost a hive of talent from local actors and actresses, writers, filmmakers and sound artists to digital media Wizards and together we make Yella Belly Films.