Team Leader Robert J. Smith
Team Robert J. Smith Productions
Short Synopsis Dr. Jekyll attempts to solve the plurality of life. His fiancé has other intentions.

A robotic expert intervenes in an epic man versus himself battle.

Leading Actor Robert J. Smith
Supporting Actor Jeffery O. Evans
Leading Actress Erin Rider
Supporting Actress Lisa McConnell
Extras Alan S. Greenwald
Kristen Childs
Melina Smart
Gary C. Schutt
Joshua Bachmann
Josue Esquerdo
Screenplay Henry Jekyll VIII
Costume Design Robert J. Smith
Make up and Hairstyling Sharon Roznoeski
Cinematography Roberto Hernandez
Editing Daniel Trent Fisherman
Special Effects Alan S Greenwald
Sound Editing Scott Fitting
Soundtrack Gary C. Schutt
Production Design Robert J. Smith
Directing Robert J. Smith
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