Team Leader JR Ridge
Team EX Presidents
Short Synopsis 2 sets of agents out to get a Russian and Korean spy not knowing they were set up by a Hacker. They realize they work for the same agency after almost taking each other out. After realizing they are on the same team they run in to a bit of a problem.
Leading Actor Briston George
Supporting Actor JR Ridge
Leading Actress Lisa Walton
Supporting Actress Michelle Nunez
Extras Joshua Quincey
Screenplay Briston George/JR Ridge
Costume Design JR Ridge
Cinematography Eric Coughlin
Editing Joshua Quincey
Visual Effects Joshua Quincey
Sound Editing Nat Fennel
Production Design JR Ridge
Directing Chuck Fonshell Tim Searfoss Briston George
Team Bio A Team that has worked together on many challenges. Crew and cast is a very talented group that works together to make great films. Each person plays a big part in our productions.