Team Leader Joel D. Wynkoop
Team Wynkoop Productions
Short Synopsis Amanda was just looking for a cool story that would send her to the big leagues.   But the story she got led her to a…DEAD END!!

M. Catherine Wynkoop        Anthony Wayne       Joel D. Wynkoop  with   Jules Sceiro   Bob Glazier  Walter Maseda  James Knowlton  Kelly Helen Thompson  Bald Bull   Emo Scranton  Vincent Careme De Sigh  Director of Photography Jason Fink  Edited by Jason Fink
           Special Effects by CreationsToGo Studios
     Written, Directed and Produced by Joel D. Wynkoop

Leading Actor Joel D. Wynkoop
Supporting Actor Anthony Wayne
Leading Actress M. Catherine Wynkoop
Supporting Actress Kelly Helen Thompson
Extras Jules Sciero, Bald Bull, Bob Glazier, James Knowlton, Walter Maseda, Edwin Hsiung, Katrine Hsiung, James Hsiung, Jason Fink
Screenplay Joel D. Wynkoop
Costume Design Joel D. Wynkoop
Make up and Hairstyling Kelly Helen Thompson
Cinematography Jason Fink
Editing Jason Fink
Visual Effects Jason Fink
Special Effects CreationsToGo Studios
Sound Editing Jason Fink
Soundtrack Toshiyuki Hiraoka, Twisted Illusions
Production Design Joel D. Wynkoop
Directing Joel D. Wynkoop
Team Bio Joel D. Wynkoop has has appeared in such productions as Lost Faith, Wicked Games, Creep, Dirty Cop No Donut, The Bite, Twisted Illusions, Screaming for Sanity, Hershell Gordon Lewis The Uh Oh Show, Lycanimator, Dreaming Purple Neon, One Night of Fear, Condo Cops, Jason Liquori’s Stopped Dead, Hi-8, Demon, Post Mortem America 2021, Girls Gone Dead, Mr. Engagement, Forensic Files, Doomsday County, Brainjacked just to name a few.

M. Catherine Wynkoop has appeared in such movies as I Dare You Truth or Dare 5, The Bite, For Nicole’s Sake, Before I Die, Twisted Illusions 2, Deathplots, Always Midnight, For Christ’s Sake, One by One, Slasher Weekend, The Paranormal Club, Burning Frame, Aspiring Psychopath just to name a few.

Jules Sceiro has appeared in such productions as Amerikan Holokaust, The Other Side, Nekoda, Deathscort Service 2, King Charles, Skumbags, PLUR, Mombie just to name a few.

Bob Glazier has appeared in many productions such as Cannibal Clause, Miami Vice, Bad Boys 2, The Black Book, Chaos AD, Deathscort Service, Slasher Weekend and Crackbaby Billionaire just to name a few.

Kelly Helen Thompson has appeared in such productions as The Assignment, One by One, Chaos AD, Skumbags, Joel D. Wynkoop’s The Other Side, Predatory Moon, Peace, Love Unity, Revenge, Slasher weekend just to name a few.

Anthony Wayne has appeared in such movies as Shaawanokie, Housewife Slasher, Joe Vampire, Bikini Monsters, Dark Comedy, Make Them Die Sleazy, Baine just to name a few.

James Knowlton has appeared in such movies as Crazed, Gunn Highway, Apocalypse Boyz, Battlesuit, Bob Saves The World and Dangerous Ties just to name a few.

Walter Maseda has appeared in such movies as Brainrobbers from Outer Space, Fall of an Actor, Rot and Slasher Weekend just to name a few.

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