Team Leader Ken Anthony II
Team Artistic License Studio
Short Synopsis This is a story about a girl… who just happens to be a secret spy for the government. While on a mission at her class reunion, she bumps into the unrequited love of her life. While managing the mission at hand, can she start a flame for romance? Tiffany will find out soon.
Leading Actor Ken Anthony II
Supporting Actor Rick Danford
Leading Actress Tatiana Warden
Supporting Actress Linda Gammete
Extras Eleote Medina, Cranstan Cumberbatch, Judy Wood, Linda Gammete, Edd Blanks, Carlos Rivera Jr, Nicole Lauren, Karen McCabe
Screenplay Rick Danford
Costume Design Jenny Todd
Make up and Hairstyling Jenny Todd
Cinematography Chuck Terzian
Editing Nick Canning, Becky Yettaw
Visual Effects Jenny Todd
Special Effects Nick Canning
Sound Editing Chuck Terzian
Soundtrack Chuck Terzian
Production Design Jenny Todd
Directing Becky Yettaw
Team Bio Artistic License Studio had been involved with the Action Film Challenge from the beginning. Challenging itself to create a short l film each year for the Action Film Challenge pushes tee creativity beyond the realm of comic books that it started out with, and continues to do. Started in the mid-2000’s they continue to push the boundaries of what they deliver and get better every year!!!
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