Team Leader Bob Welsh
Team Team Ambrosia
Short Synopsis Dr. A.L. Wayne struggles with himself as he lures girls for model or photography shoots and kills them.
Leading Actor Bob Welsh
Supporting Actor Bob Welsh
Leading Actress Rocio Escobar
Supporting Actress Teresita Morales
Extras Kristen Toepfer, Rebeca Valverde, Robbie Adams
Screenplay Bob Welsh
Costume Design Bob Welsh
Make up and Hairstyling N/a
Cinematography Bob Welsh
Editing Bob Welsh
Visual Effects Bob Welsh
Special Effects Bob Welsh
Sound Editing Bob Welsh
Soundtrack Bri Beats – Brianna Marie Coorey
Production Design Bob Welsh
Directing Bob Wewlsh
Team Bio On short notice, I gathered My friend Kristen whom I had known for 10 yrs, Also a 10+ yr friend Robbie to do voice over. I got Rebecka from my facebook ad for people, as well as Teresita whom I had just met the month before, all of whom never acted before. Rocio also answered my Facebook ad and I had wanted to work with her as well her with me, she has acted in other movies and in Theater as well. All the girls shot on different nights, I think they did an outstanding job.
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