Team Leader Joe Rosenberger
Team Monoceros
Short Synopsis Her parents are gone. Her world has dropped. Now living with her brother, Alec, and his fiance, Angelica, Rose struggles to regain a sense of normal again.
She’s become immersed in a smart phone game, Peek-A-Boo Run, to escape, even for just a little while.
Rose encounters the visions of Div and Raamiah and becomes a victim of their deadly version of the game.
A frantic search begins to find Rose before her last breath is taken …
Rose’s confused sense of reality is just beginning …
Leading Actor Mark Spencer
Supporting Actor Mathew Leverone
Leading Actress Ashlyn Kimery
Supporting Actress Allison Cuenca
Extras Emmaline Spencer
Eleanor Spencer
Suhail Khan
Don Rosenberger
Joe Rosenberger
Jen Shtab
Max The Dog
Screenplay Joe Rosenberger
Costume Design Cast
Make up and Hairstyling Leo Glitterbomb
Cinematography Joe Rosenberger
Editing Joe Rosenberger
Visual Effects Joe Rosenberger
Sound Editing Joe Rosenberger
Production Design Joe Rosenberger
Directing Joe Rosenberger
Team Bio Monoceros Multimedia is a rookie organization. It’s creator, Joe Rosenberger, has had a dream which remained suppressed
for far too long. That dream of being a movie/video director is slowly becoming a reality.
Helping in the vision for the 30 Day Film Challenge is Joe’s brother, Don, who was enlisted to create a story idea.
That idea then lead them to the whacky personalities which now occupy Peek-A-Boo RUN! Ashlyn Kimery put her own drive, charm,
and experience into the character of Rose. Mark Spencer is no stranger to the arts community and added a fantastic creep factor to Alvah …
Not to mention allowing his adorable daughters Emmie and Ellie to play the equally creepy Div and Raamiah. Matt Leverone
and Allsion Cuenca were recruited as Rose’s brother and soon to be sister in law – Alec and Angelica
(hey, why not … they are engaged in real life!). Mr. Leverone and Ms. Cuenca called on their inner emotion and brought that to the surface
in their search for Rose. Suhail Khan was chosen to be 1st Responder Pat … well because he’s talked to a cop or two in his life.
Don Rosenberger also added his talent for yelling at Mark and brought the character Uncle Bob to life … and then they promptly killed him.
Jen Shtab made for a good news lady, Gail Lee, especially since she has such a good rapport with Joe Rosenberger as news anchor, Earl Pratt
(and because they live together, are married, and do like ‘couple’ stuff together … so, Joe dragged her into this).