Steele’n Hope – Marin Productions


Team Name: Marin Productions

Team Leader: Michael Marin

Title: “Steele N’ Hope”

TRT: 14:59

Synopsis: If the government can’t handle national threats, young war veteran Jack Steele will get the job done. When Jack joins a mercenary team to help protect the nation, he is assigned to assassinate a child who may contain a deadly disease. But when Jack discovers the truth about the girl, he decides to abandon the task and go rogue from his deceptive mercenary team to protect the girl at all costs.

Mike Marin/Jack Steele
Rina Adams/Veronica Taylor
Gwen Fish/Hope
John Higgins/Director Skelmore
Joey Saenz/Spence Evans
Gabrielle Ortiz/Mrs. McKenzie
TJ McDonnell/Mr. McKenzie



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July 1, 2013