Team Leader Josh Noftz
Team Blue Bison
Short Synopsis A devious, but amiable, man gets more than he bargained for when a sketchy deal grows hopelessly out of control.
Leading Actor Sean Gloria
Supporting Actor Chris Cavalier, George Vricos, Christopher Cutillo, Jamel Thompson, Chris Plourde, Marvin Laviolette
Leading Actress Payton Booker
Supporting Actress Michele Yeager, Natalie Pitcher
Screenplay Josh Noftz, Jason Henne
Costume Design Jared Miller, Josh Noftz
Make up and Hairstyling Samantha Greene
Cinematography Eric Coughlin
Editing Domonic Smith
Visual Effects Josh Noftz
Sound Editing Jason Henne
Soundtrack Jason Henne, AJ Prasad, Devon Mackinnon
Production Design Josh Noftz
Directing Josh Noftz
Team Bio Blue Bison partners with the most talented and passionate creators to produce vastly engaging and thoughtful content.
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