Team Leader Derric Fragosa
Team Team Koala
Short Synopsis Every City has and community has a gatekeeper. One of many charged with running groups within cities and communities to keep them compartamentalized assuring it’s effectiveness so as to protect it’s secrets to keep the system from crashing. The system known as the Republik.
Extras Jerry Bruggeman Joe Kerr
Jenise Bruggeman Jinx Kerr
Derric Fragosa Theo
Efrain Orlando de Pena was Tomas
Julian Bryan was Turbo
Michael Harber was The Gatekeeper
Damien was the City Council Commisioner Damien
Victor Martinez was D’angelo the muscle
Elisabeth Fragosa was The Doctor
Screenplay Derric Fragosa, Julian Bryan, Efrain De Pena
Costume Design Team Koala
Cinematography Derric Fragosa
Editing Derric Fragosa
Sound Editing Derric Fragosa
Production Design Derric Fragosa
Directing Derric Fragosa
Team Bio Team Koala consist for Fight Coordinators