The Super Cheesy Adventures Of Howie O’ Wowie

The Super Cheesy Adventures Of Howie O’ Wowie

Team: Reel Dreams Production Co.

Team Lead: Justin Phillips

Short Synopsis:

The story follows a pizza delivery boy (HOWIE) who is against all odds as he finds himself delivering pizza to a hostage situation where he must protect the secret ingredient that has put his pizzeria on the map.





Leading Actor: Jesse Jaques

Supporting Actor: Don Rice

Leading Actress: Alex Madden

Supporting Actress: Olivia Blake


Chance Parker-Knight
Matthew Anthony Myers
Kevin Perez
Kevin Pace
Gene Anderson
Kadesh Lewis
Justin Snyder
Gracie Snyder
Ves Spindler

Screenplay: Justin W Phillips

Costume Design: Justin W Phillips

Make up and Hairstyling: 2 Dye 4 Salon And Spa

Cinematography: Jesse Jaques

Editing: Jesse Jaques

Visual Effects: Willam McGuire

Special Effects: Kadesh Lewis

Sound Editing: Jesse Jaques

Soundtrack: Groveview and Redstyke

Production Design: Justin Snyder

Directing: Justin W Phillips

Team Bio:

Reel Dreams Production Co. Is where Dreams come to life. Together through collaboration we strive to break new ground with our engaging creativity and ambitious cinematic visions.


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August 3, 2014