Team Leader Keon Boozar
Team Brain Boys
Short Synopsis A world in Time Crisis needs a Hero! And that hero is Time Sheriff! When a Drifter in time is on a rampage, it’s up to Time Sheriff to stop him. With the help of Time Boss, this sheriff is ready for battle. But can he stop this menace? Or is he out of time?
Leading Actor Ariel Sanchez
Supporting Actor Jason Abreu & Will Richard
Extras Alan Daniels & Lucas Schatzberg
Screenplay Alan Daniels
Costume Design Alan Daniels & Keon Boozar
Cinematography Alan Daniels & Keon Boozar
Editing Alan Daniels & Keon Boozar
Visual Effects Alan Daniels
Special Effects Alan Daniels
Sound Editing Lucas Schatzberg
Soundtrack Alan Daniels
Production Design Keon Boozar
Directing Alan Daniels
Team Bio Brain Boys is a bunch of gender neutral people with big ole brains
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