Team Leader Bob Welsh
Team Film Immersion
Short Synopsis Evil Monster or Beast tangles with a women with friends in the church who come to save the day.
Leading Actor Austin Janowsky
Supporting Actor Phil Todd
Leading Actress Monika Eldred
Supporting Actress Linda Gamette
Extras Rowena Hover, Sharon Rigiero, John Giliberto, Chris Hover, Josh Caske, Jacob Holmes, Micheal Holmes,Michael Cruz,
Screenplay Jenny Todd
Costume Design Jenny Todd
Make up and Hairstyling Jenny Todd
Cinematography Bob Welsh
Editing Bob Welsh
Visual Effects Bob Welsh
Special Effects Bob Welsh
Sound Editing Bob Welsh
Soundtrack Josh Caske
Production Design Jenny Todd
Directing Bob Welsh
Team Bio Some of us had worked together before and some of just hooked up through a ad on Facebook. Lots of talent.Bob welsh the team leader, this is his second movie he has done while a
student at St. Peterburg College for there film program.
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