Wolves At Night

Wolves At Night

Team: Project Neves

Team Lead: Shawn Valentine

Short Synopsis:

A couple goes on a ride of a lifetime and finds trouble along the way




Leading Actor: Anthony Comellas

Supporting Actor: Jon Armand

Leading Actress: Kayla Cardillo

Supporting Actress:


Alex Pajil
Kareem Kirby
Dennis Montero
Brian Pirolozzi
Peter Kostis
Jesse Mateus
Mariko Peltz
Jackie Aldazabal
Luisa Cifuentes Munoz
Vivian Reliz
Neysmarie Rodriguez-Gelpi
Joanne Alvarado
Marlene Sanchez
Lourdes Marie Cortes
Mackenzie Joyce

Screenplay: Shawn Valentine

Costume Design: Shawn Valentine

Make up and Hairstyling: Jackie Aldazabal

Cinematography: Shawn Valentine

Editing: Shawn Valentine

Visual Effects: Brad Lulas

Special Effects: Brad Lulas

Sound Editing: Brian Gumper

Soundtrack: Adam Thomas Brubaker

Production Design: Shawn Valentine

Directing: Shawn Valentine

Team Bio:

Getting back together once again to create another story





YouTube: http://youtu.be/ys4c3fZ5lqc


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August 4, 2014