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Eugenie Bondurant


Bondurant was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and later moved to Alabama to pursue her university studies. Upon returning home, she began a career in modeling when an agent discovered her. Her acting career kick-started with her role as Luna in the film Lady Boss, a role that ensured her a future on the big screen.

Bondurant is a working actor and acting coach at Andi Matheny Acting Studio. She is currently married to director Paul Wilborn.


She has appeared in films such as “Sorority House Vampires”, “Donald and Dot Clock Found Dead in Their Home”, and “Something Wilder “.

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Joe Davison

Widely known for his cult hit 100 Tears, which was voted the third best killer clown film ever made, by iHorror.com, Joe comes straight off of his co-starring role in Stranger Things season 2, where he played the lovable “Nerdy Tech”. He worked with two time oscar winning director Andrew Stanton, known for films such as A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, and Wall-E just to name a few. As well as Oscar Nominated producer Shawn Levy, known for such films as The Arrival, The Internship, and Night at the Museum. Not to mention Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of Stranger Things. He can also be seen in such films as As Night Falls, Experiment 7, and Frost Bite, where he not only starred but wrote and directed as well.

Brian and Jake Jalbert

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