Major Policy changes – Our Policies on Film Ratings, Profanity, Sexual Content
Our films will generally be R-Rated, so parents should be strongly cautioned that these films can contain graphic gunplay, very graphic blood, fight scenes, chase scenes, torture, military and paramilitary fighting scenes, intense verbal exchanges, some foul language, some sexually suggestive scenes, and more. We don’t recommend bringing preteen children. We also advise you to evaluate, if your teenager is ready for this kind of material.
R-Rated film – may include stronger language – SEE OUR POLICY BELOW It may include some brief nudity and light sexual scenes that could be seen in a television show or daily soap opera, with NO FULL NUDITY.
Profanity Restrictions: Again, we’re not trying to stifle anyone’s creativity, but in our attempt to keep everyone happy, these are the restricted words…

We ask that you exclude the following language:

  • “GD” – G*d D*mn
  • “god” or “God” – when used as a swear word or expletive.
  • “JC” – Jesus Christ – when used as swear word or expletive.

Please don’t go overboard with swearing

  • If your actors run amuck with their foul language, please do one of the following:
  • Edit the word, visually and audibly, out of the film
  • Edit the audio, to drop out the word, and leave a silent spot.
  • Edit the audio, to drop out the word, and do an ADR word replacement.
  • Edit the audio, to drop out the word, and beep it out. (least desirable action)


The 30 Day Film Challenge will not accept any film submissions with explicit sexual acts. Absolutely no male or female genitals shown. Sexual acts should be Implied, but not shown. Heavy petting and Scantily clad is acceptable.
Brief nudity will be accepted. Please don’t keep your characters clothed in Lingerie or clothing that is see-through.